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Why writing a free site prediction results in soccer football ?

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Last predictions

Mainly for the fun to see how much good results i can find with this program and because it is hard to find a free prediction soccer site that made soccer football predictions.

i don’t know one that is showing history, archives and offer you the ability to see how good or how bad they are.

I know and everybody has to know that it is impossible to predict future. But i believe that if we can predict the weather with a very good accuracy we can predict things with good accuracy if we are using the good way to do it.

So basically this was my starting point, curious to know if i was able to do it.

The first thing i needed is to have good datas and well organized them, lucky for me IT is my working job, so databases and development were something i feel comfortable with.

Started to develop, spent much time for responsivness and things to be clear and well dipslayed as it is a work on my free time.

Once this part, displaying datas friendly and correctly, it was time to work on the algorithm, lot of work and perhaps not yet finished, i tried different methods and i think i’ve found a not so bad one.

I’ve successed to be able to put the algorithm predictions on the main website as before i was posting an article for each game and recently change this by posting a dedicated page for this.

Integrating the algorithm in the main website is the best way for me to publish because it takes me time but less than the other methods.

On this blog all statistics and predictions are the same than those on the main website, but it is displayed differently as it is not as simple as it is on the other side.

All soccer predictions are published here and there, archives of algorithm predictions are and will be always available on this part of the website.

HERE this is a version for current season teams so each new season the team page is corresponding to the current season team stats and predicitons.

You can find the same thing on this part but presented differently and with few more informations.

Hope you like the work and find it usefull, do not hesitate to share if you like with the buttons made for this.

It is a personnal work, no sponsoring, no payment, access free. Everything is done whith honesty, my head and my brain.

About the performance of the algorithm.

Tough to answer because since one year i’ve continue to work on it during the firsts run.

So what i can say from what i have in my archives is : sometimes, for a matchday, algorithm find more than 75 % good predictions (top register is 87 % on 10 games predicted ) and worst was 10 % good predictions. For an average of 50 % of good predictions all time.

Links to algorithm league soccer predictions archives